Extreme Heat vs. Extreme Cold

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Minnesota, it’s so cold that… you can test out extreme heat versus the extreme cold. Watch and subscribe all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments: www.youtube.com/nziegler .


  • Large Knife
  • Blow Torches
  • Old Minnesota Cold Experiments
    • Hot Water Experiment (2 liter bottle, funnel, boiling water)
    • Hot Chocolate (cup of hot chocolate)
    • Frozen T-Shirt (t-shirt, hanger, bowl of water)
    • Towel Sled (small towel, 2 small cans)
    • Snowman Pinata (balloon, paper towels)
    • Human Snowball (Wubble Bubble Ball)
    • Watermelon Bowling (frozen watermelon)
    • Instant Slurpee (2-liter bottle of soda pop)
    • Frozen Banana Hammer (frozen banana, nail, board)
    • Icicles


  1. Freeze the item from the Minnesota Cold Experiment.
  2. Heat up the knife until it gets red hot.
  3. Attempt to cut the item with the knife.
  4. See whether the extreme heat or extreme cold wins!

Helpful Hints:

  • Please be very careful doing this experiment.
  • Wear gloves that can handle the extreme heat.

Frozen Orbeez Sled

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Minnesota, it’s so cold that… if you don’t have a sled, you can make one out of frozen Orbeez. Watch and subscribe all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments: www.youtube.com/nziegler .


  • Two large storage containers that will hold about 8 gallons each
  • One cup of dry Orbeez
  • Two sleds
  • LED Christmas lights with battery back
  • Water
  • Strainer
  • Bricks
  • Hill to sled down
  • Cold weather


  1. Measure out 1/2 cup of Orbeez for each container. Add about 7-8 gallons of water to each container.
  2. Let the Orbeez sit overnight to soak up the water.
  3. Use the strainer to scoop the Orbeez into the bottom sled.
  4. Put the second sled on top of the first.  Use the bricks to weight down the top sled.
  5. Wait for the Orbeez to freeze (this will take much longer than you expect).
  6. Bring the sled with the frozen Orbeez to a hill.  Tip it over and pop out the frozen Orbeez sled.
  7. Sled down the hill.
  8. Repeat if it doesn’t break into pieces.

Helpful Hints:

  • Use plenty of LED lights so that if the Orbeez sled breaks, it will still be held together.
  • Make sure that the temperature is very cold so it freezes more quickly.

Minnesota Twins Record with Torii Hunter

After another loss this season without Torii Hunter, I thought it might be interesting to look at some Minnesota Twins stats with and without Torii Hunter over the past 15 seasons (plus a few games from this season).

Without Torii Hunter   With Torii Hunter
Year W L % Divison Year W L % Divison
2016 7 17 0.292 5th 2015 83 79 0.512 2nd
2014 70 92 0.432 5th 2007 79 83 0.488 3rd
2013 66 96 0.407 4th 2006 96 66 0.593 1st
2012 66 96 0.407 5th 2005 83 79 0.512 3rd
2011 63 99 0.389 5th 2004 92 70 0.568 1st
2010 94 68 0.580 1st 2003 90 72 0.556 1st
2009 87 76 0.534 1st 2002 94 67 0.584 1st
2008 88 75 0.540 2nd 2001 85 77 0.525 2nd
TOTAL 541 619 0.4664 3.5   TOTAL 702 593 0.5421 1.75

Note: Wins/Losses include all Twins games (not just the ones he started or played in) during the seasons Torii was either on or off the Twins’ roster. The 2016 record is through April 30, 2016.

These are the totals over the past 15 seasons plus the start of the 2016 season.

Total Wins  Total Losses

Some quick stats to point out:

  • Games without Torii = 1160. Games with Torii = 1295
  • Even though the Twins played 135 more games during that span with Torri, they have lost fewer times (593 vs. 619 losses).

Total Wins by Year  Total Losses by Year

  • Wins without Torii = 541. Wins with Torii = 702
  • Loses without Torii = 619. Loses with Torii = 593
  • Winning percentage without Torii = 46.6%. Winning percentage without Torii = 54.2%.

The average place in the Central division without Torii was 3.5.  The average with him was 1.75.

Place without Torii  Place with Torii

Place with Torii Total

I think I’m seeing a pattern. We’re in for a long season… Torii, please come back!!!!

Minnesota Vikings Pancakes

Click on the Stadium picture below to see pictures of the new Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium.


The Vikings Pancakes made the news! Here’s the story: KARE 11 Pancake Art Story:

Vikings KARE 11 Pancakes KARE 11 Pancake

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Goldie Head 1

Viking Pancake Designs:

Vikings Horn Pancake 1 Vikings Horn Pancake 2 Vikings Horns Helmet Pancake 1 Vikings Horns Helmet Pancake 2 Vikings Logo Pancake 1 Vikings Logo Pancake 2 Vikings V Logo Pancake 1 Vikings V Logo Pancake 2 Vikings Helmet Pancake 1 Vikings Helmet Pancake 2 Metrodome Pancake 1 Metrodome Pancake 2US Bank Stadium Pancake 1 US Bank Stadium Pancake 2 Vikings Ship Pancake 1 Vikings Ship Pancake 2 Vikings Football Pancake 1 Vikings Football Pancake 2 Vikings Head Pancake 1 Vikings Head Pancake 2

To view or print all of the Minnesota Vikings Pancake Patterns, download the .pdf file of the patterns here: Minnesota Vikings Pancake Patterns