Downtown Minneapolis Lightning Storm

Downtown Minneapolis Lightning Storm

Video and pictures of the lightning storm that went through downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 1, 2015. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S4 in 1920 x 1080. Music used with permission: Epic Unease by Kevin MacLeod (

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Mpls-Lightning-01 Mpls-Lightning-02 Mpls-Lightning-03 Mpls-Lightning-04 Mpls-Lightning-05 Mpls-Lightning-06 Mpls-Lightning-07 Mpls-Lightning-08 Mpls-Lightning-09 Mpls-Lightning-10 Mpls-Lightning-11 Mpls-Lightning-12 Mpls-Lightning-13 Mpls-Lightning-14 Mpls-Lightning-15 Mpls-Lightning-16 Mpls-Lightning-17 Mpls-Lightning-18 Mpls-Lightning-19 Mpls-Lightning-20 Mpls-Lightning-21 Mpls-Lightning-22

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