Minnesota Vikings Pancakes

Minnesota Vikings Pancakes

Click on the Stadium picture below to see pictures of the new Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium.


The Vikings Pancakes made the news! Here’s the story: KARE 11 Pancake Art Story:

Vikings KARE 11 Pancakes KARE 11 Pancake

Click on the Goldie Gopher picture below to see more videos and pictures of Pancake Art.

Goldie Head 1

Viking Pancake Designs:

Vikings Horn Pancake 1 Vikings Horn Pancake 2 Vikings Horns Helmet Pancake 1 Vikings Horns Helmet Pancake 2 Vikings Logo Pancake 1 Vikings Logo Pancake 2 Vikings V Logo Pancake 1 Vikings V Logo Pancake 2 Vikings Helmet Pancake 1 Vikings Helmet Pancake 2 Metrodome Pancake 1 Metrodome Pancake 2US Bank Stadium Pancake 1 US Bank Stadium Pancake 2 Vikings Ship Pancake 1 Vikings Ship Pancake 2 Vikings Football Pancake 1 Vikings Football Pancake 2 Vikings Head Pancake 1 Vikings Head Pancake 2

To view or print all of the Minnesota Vikings Pancake Patterns, download the .pdf file of the patterns here: Minnesota Vikings Pancake Patterns

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