Minnesota Vikings Pancakes

Click on the Stadium picture below to see pictures of the new Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium.


The Vikings Pancakes made the news! Here’s the story: KARE 11 Pancake Art Story:

Vikings KARE 11 Pancakes KARE 11 Pancake

Click on the Goldie Gopher picture below to see more videos and pictures of Pancake Art.

Goldie Head 1

Viking Pancake Designs:

Vikings Horn Pancake 1 Vikings Horn Pancake 2 Vikings Horns Helmet Pancake 1 Vikings Horns Helmet Pancake 2 Vikings Logo Pancake 1 Vikings Logo Pancake 2 Vikings V Logo Pancake 1 Vikings V Logo Pancake 2 Vikings Helmet Pancake 1 Vikings Helmet Pancake 2 Metrodome Pancake 1 Metrodome Pancake 2US Bank Stadium Pancake 1 US Bank Stadium Pancake 2 Vikings Ship Pancake 1 Vikings Ship Pancake 2 Vikings Football Pancake 1 Vikings Football Pancake 2 Vikings Head Pancake 1 Vikings Head Pancake 2

To view or print all of the Minnesota Vikings Pancake Patterns, download the .pdf file of the patterns here: Minnesota Vikings Pancake Patterns

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