What it Looked Like Two Years Ago (Jan. 31, 2016)

What it Looked Like Two Years Ago (Jan. 31, 2016)

Two years ago (January 2014), I took some pictures of the Metrodome demolition. Today I tried to take pictures from those same spots two years later. Pretty crazy the progress they’ve made on the new stadium.

More pictures documenting the progress over the past two years: From Metrodome Demolition to New Vikings Stadium Construction

Two Years Ago

Two Years Ago 2

Two Years Ago 3

Dome 1 New 1

Dome 2 New 2

 Dome 3
New 3

And, I’ll throw in a picture from the west end of the stadium from today (even though I don’t have one from 2 years ago).



To view almost 3 years’ worth of pictures of the Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium Construction, click here: Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium Pictures

Click on the picture above to view more Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium construction pictures

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