Pictures of the Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium (2014-2016)

Pictures of the Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium (2014-2016)

Last week completed almost 3 years of documenting the demolition of the Metrodome to the first game in the new Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium.

It all started when I happened to ask a police officer why he was blocking off the road next to the Metrodome one Sunday morning.  He said that they were going to be blowing up the walls of the Metrodome in a few minutes, so we stuck around. Here’s the footage I shot on my cell phone that morning with the kids in the car with me.

After that, I’ve been intrigued with the demolition of the Metrodome and the construction of the new Vikings Stadium.


I took pictures just about every week.  Here are a couple of time lapses of the construction as well as links to the stadium’s progress since construction started.


20160918_172639 20160918_163445 20160828_085539 20160207_11043420160522_092512 20160320_090352 20160228_085608 20160207_083623 20160103_110050  20150913_082617 20150913_084133 20150809_105402 20150426_104622 20150426_111021 20150426_111640 20141214_105755 20140810_110825 20140504_085520 Metrodome 1 Metrodome 2 Metrodome-2-Feb.-23 Metrodome 1 - Feb. 23 Dome 1


To view almost 3 years’ worth of pictures of the Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium Construction, click here: Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium Pictures

Click on the picture above to view more Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium construction pictures


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