Horizontal Decks Beginning to be Poured (Apr. 13, 2014)

Click here to see more pictures of the progress of the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium.

20140413_085605 20140413_085606 20140413_085607 20140413_085608 20140413_085745 20140413_085808 20140413_085828 20140413_085958 20140413_090155 20140413_090423 20140413_090436

Here are a couple more pictures of the new wall from last week (April 6, 2014).

20140406_113420 20140406_113444


To view almost 3 years’ worth of pictures of the Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium Construction, click here: Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium Pictures

Click on the picture above to view more Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium construction pictures

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