Leaky Gutter Damage to the New Minnesota Vikings Stadium (Feb. 28, 2016)

Leaky Gutter Damage to the New Minnesota Vikings Stadium (Feb. 28, 2016)

At the beginning of January, I noticed these large icicles hanging from the roof and snow build-up near the top of the new Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium.

January Stadium Ice 1 January Stadium Ice 3 January Stadium Ice 4

Last week, the team began fixing the damage caused by leaky gutters by taking down the U.S. Bank sign, as well as many of the black panels. Below are several before and after pictures.

Stadium Snow Damage Comparison 1 Stadium Snow Damage Comparison 2 Stadium Snow Damage Comparison 3 Stadium Snow Damage Comparison 4

Here are some more pictures of what the stadium looked like this morning, now that many of the panels have been removed.

20160228_085336 20160228_085608 20160228_085710 20160228_090141 20160228_090243 20160228_090335 20160228_090420 20160228_090421

The picture below (sorry about the quality) shows the workers earlier this week, working late into the night with spotlights on the stadium, taking down the panels.

Stadium Repair

The StarTribune reported that the damage caused by the leaky gutters will cost $4 million to repair.


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