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Minnesota Cold (Part 16) Frozen Flowers

Minnesota Cold (Part 16) Frozen Flowers

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Minnesota, it’s so cold that… if you forget your flowers outside, they’ll freeze overnight and shatter in the morning.¬†Special thanks to Chicago-Lake Floral in Minneapolis for the donation of the flowers.¬†Watch and subscribe all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments: www.youtube.com/nziegler .


  • Flowers
  • A hard surface outside to shatter the flowers
  • Cold weather


  1. Pick up some flowers from the local flower shop.
  2. Set the flowers outside for several hours or overnight.
  3. Smash the flowers on your sidewalk for a great effect.

Helpful Hints:

  • Ask your florist for flowers that they are going to throw out for the weekend (you might get them for free).
  • Flowers that have begun or have already opened, work the best.

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