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New Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium Pictures

It all started when I happened to ask a police officer why he was blocking off the road next to the Metrodome one Sunday morning.  He said that they were going to be blowing up the walls of the Metrodome in a few minutes, so we stuck around. Here’s the footage I shot on my cell phone that morning with the kids in the car with me.

After that, I’ve been intrigued with the demolition of the Metrodome and the construction of the new Vikings Stadium.


I take pictures just about every week.  Here are a couple of time lapses of the construction as well as links to the stadium’s progress since construction started.


Below are my blog post pictures of the Metrodome demolition and the progress of the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium construction. (Most of these were originally posted at www.ZigsPics.com .

Lightning Storm Captured with GoPro Suction Cupped to Car

This morning I attached my GoPro to the hood of our car and started recording during a lightning storm.  Below are still shots from the video footage.  The video was shot near Motley, Minnesota on Sunday, July 6th starting at 5:45 a.m. Music used with permission: Five Armies by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Lightning-01 a Lightning-01 b Lightning-02 Lightning-03 Lightning-04 Lightning-05 Lightning-06 Lightning-07 Lightning-08 Lightning-09 Lightning-10 Lightning-11 Lightning-14

Video of the Metrodome Explosion

Today we were fortunate enough to be downtown dropping my wife off at the time of the Metrodome Explosion. Got some great footage of the explosion. They featured it on www.CBSsports.com .

Click here to see more pictures of the progress of the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium.

Metrodome-1-Feb.-23 Metrodome-2-Feb.-23 Metrodome-3-Feb.-23 Metrodome-4-Feb.-23 Metrodome-5-Feb.-23

Click here to see more pictures of the progress of the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium.