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Extreme Heat vs. Extreme Cold

Extreme Heat vs. Extreme Cold

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Minnesota, it’s so cold that… you can test out extreme heat versus the extreme cold.¬†Watch and subscribe all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments: www.youtube.com/nziegler .


  • Large Knife
  • Blow Torches
  • Old Minnesota Cold Experiments
    • Hot Water Experiment (2 liter bottle, funnel, boiling water)
    • Hot Chocolate (cup of hot chocolate)
    • Frozen T-Shirt (t-shirt, hanger, bowl of water)
    • Towel Sled (small towel, 2 small cans)
    • Snowman Pinata (balloon, paper towels)
    • Human Snowball (Wubble Bubble Ball)
    • Watermelon Bowling (frozen watermelon)
    • Instant Slurpee (2-liter bottle of soda pop)
    • Frozen Banana Hammer (frozen banana, nail, board)
    • Icicles


  1. Freeze the item from the Minnesota Cold Experiment.
  2. Heat up the knife until it gets red hot.
  3. Attempt to cut the item with the knife.
  4. See whether the extreme heat or extreme cold wins!

Helpful Hints:

  • Please be very careful doing this experiment.
  • Wear gloves that can handle the extreme heat.

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