Minnesota Cold (Part 9) Shooting A Super Soaker in the Cold

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Minnesota – It’s so cold that…you can squirt a Super Soaker water gun and the water vaporizes. Watch and subscribe all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments: www.youtube.com/nziegler .


  • Super Soaker
  • Boiling water
  • A funnel


  1. Take the boiling water and, using the funnel, pour it into the Super Soaker.
  2. After bringing the Super Soaker outside, shoot the water into the air and it will turn into vapor.

Helpful Hints:

  • Be careful and make sure to use oven mitts or some sort of gloves when pouring the boiling water into the Super Soaker.
  • Don’t shoot it at other people. The water coming out is still near the boiling point and will burn someone if you are not careful.

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